A Corner Electric Fireplace Is Suitable For Small Rooms

A fireplace is both functional and attractive but not all homes include this item, requiring the homeowner to install it. There are gas, electric, and gel fuel versions, in addition to the traditional wood burning unit. Electric models are becoming quite popular because they do not require complicated installation. In a small home, a corner electric fireplace may be preferred because it does not take up much space.

A corner unit takes advantage of the angled space where two walls meet, which is often unused. In a home with small square footage, the flat walls are usually occupied by furniture and electronic equipment. There is often no extra room along these to install a fireplace. In this situation, the corner unit is the perfect solution because it takes up only the corner area and does not jut out far into the room.

Even if there are windows with sills located on either side of the wall corner, a small electric fireplace unit can be found that will fit within the space. The shopper just needs to make sure that the height of the corner electric fireplace will not cause the unit to impede use of the windows. The units come in a wide assortment of dimensions, so it should not be difficult to find one that fits into the available corner space.

Anyone considering this purchase should first learn about the important aspects. The length, width, and height of the available wall space should be measured and compared to the dimensions of the available corner units. Length of the side of the unit will be important for those who have windows bordering the area. Unit weight may be a factor for people with homes that do not have reinforced flooring or who live in second-story or higher apartments or townhouses.

Units also come in various levels of power, called BTUs, which determine how much heat will be distributed to the surrounding area. In some cases, the product description includes information regarding what size room the item is intended to heat. If it does not, the shopper can find this information simply by conducting a search regarding recommended room size for the BTUs being offered. Companies selling these products also have customer service personnel who can provide assistance.

Just like their flat wall counterparts, corner electric fireplaces come in various styles and colors. The most common have cabinets made from wood like mahogany, cherry, or oak. They feature different styles of trim that border the log insert. Either fixed glass or operational glass doors may be included on the front. Extra features of some models include a remote control or a wall unit to adjust the flame and temperature.

Though a corner electric fireplace may not be suitable for all homes, it may be perfect for those with limited flat wall space. Important factors to consider are dimensions, style, and color as well as extra features like remote controls. In general, these units are not difficult to assemble and they have realistic effects.