Unfinished Oak Flooring – Decorating Dream

Unfinished oak flooring is great choice for both the do-it-yourself home improvement guru as well as for contractors. It allows you to personalize the look of your flooring to your own specific requirements, completely. If you need a particular stain to coordinate with your kitchen cabinets, then unfinished oak hardwood flooring might be just what you need.

A great benefit to installing unfinished hardwood is that it allows you to truly customize the look of your floor design. If you love the characteristics that are present in each plank of wood, try applying a lighter stain. That way you are able to appreciate the subtleties once the floors application has been completed. By completing the sanding process on site, you can bring out the details that you enjoy in the areas you want them. By choosing specific types, like unfinished red oak flooring, you can create borders or patterns upon installation. This ability to create unique patterns enables you to have a truly customized floor.

The value inherent in unfinished wood is a major reason that a large number of contractors opt for using it on the jobs they contract. The price is significantly better than the cost of pre-finished planks. As you can see this is another perk you get for choosing this style of flooring. This cost saving can then be passed on to the customer or end consumer if you so choose or it can go toward increasing the bottom line. Another option is for the contractor to offer custom design services to the client based upon the reduced initial cost savings. Either way it is a win-win for both the contractor and the customer when the cost savings is passed along. By creating a unique custom floor, it acts as a life size advertisement for the contractor’s services, as well as, creating an amazing feature to any home. Every person that is awed by the fantastic flooring finish is another potential customer for the contractor you used.

Choosing unfinished oak hardwood flooring is definitely a design choice worth considering for your home. Not only will your friends and guests be amazed and envious of your style choices, but your wallet will thank you for the much lighter burden you placed upon it. A custom floor at a reduced price is contractor and customer’s dream come true. So start looking around so that you can find your dram flooring.