How to Begin, Not Be Overwhelmed and Have Fun With Home Decorating

Decorating is fun for many people, but for some it can be overwhelming when trying to put design ideas together. And no one wants a costly decorating failure.

So, let’s get started and see if we can get through some of the basics in decorating.

One thing that is easy to determine is your design style.

  • When you look at something you either like it, want it, dislike it, or don’t care for it.

By starting with your opinion on likes and dislikes you will determine your design style.

There are many styles in design including:

  • Country, Arts & Craft, Contemporary, Mediterranean, Modern, Traditional, Tropical, Western, Eclectic, and more.

When decorating your home it is best to start with one room.

  • Work that room into the design decor that fits your style. Try to stay within the design style you truly like. Some styles can overlap some, but if you start bringing in too many design styles it will make a confusing impression.

Take this circumstance for an example:

  • Have you ever walked into someone’s home and as you stepped into the living room you immediately became confused? Right there in front of the overstuffed floral country style sofa was a modern style coffee table with metal legs and a glass top. At the end of the sofa was an Arts & Craft floor lamp with a strip lamp shade. You saw floral wallpaper on one wall and stripes wallpaper on the next. One room of confusing decorating led to another room of the same.

The above scenario is the perfect example of what not to do. We are not saying do not mixed design styles, because there are ways to blend different styles together and get a great result.

  • For instance, an Eclectic element can enhance a Contemporary Style decorated room. It depends on what the Eclectic element is and how it is used.

Again, decorating may not be easy for many of us, but a common theme or design style is the easiest way to approach decorating.

  • When shopping in furniture stores you will see how designers choose and place rooms for display. Every furniture store knows that room arrangements are the best way to make a sale. They know that a customer may be shopping for a sofa and when that customer comes across a sofa they like, will also see the floor lamp and chair that compliments that sofa and, very likely, buy more than just the sofa.

These stores are a great way to find your style in design.

  • Visit several stores and take notes on what style you like, what style you want, and what style you don’t want.
  • Stay with the look you like and take note of what you like about it. Take note of the style, i.e. modern, traditional, Mediterranean, western/country, the color theme, and furniture pieces that you like.
  • Take note on how they are arranged and the materials used.
  • You will see wall color in displays, as well. Room color is an important element in decorating. Take pictures with your phone for reference.

You will very quickly find your design style and decorating will become, who knows, fun and enjoyable.

If you are still not sure or comfortable on decorating your home, take the information you have collected to a friend or professional who has the gift of design. You will find that those that have a passion for design are always ready and willing to share their gift of design.

Once you have completed one room, the second room will come easier. And, remember decorating does not have to be an expensive task. You will find great deals, whether in used furniture or pieces on sale. And, remember that paint is cheap.

Now, with this information you should be up for the task. Be encouraged and happy decorating.

Cake Decorating Classes

The demand for cakes has really gone high. This is due to increase of social functions like birthdays, weddings and large scale weddings. Nowadays, the menus of these social functions have changed to include desserts like pastries, chocolate fudges and decorative cakes. This has brought the dire need for decorating lessons. There are institutes offering the courses and you can also book online.

The art of decoration is not easy to come by, but there are things that you can learn in class. Knowledge of right use of utensils and equipment at right time and taking care of hygiene with the finish to provide the decoration in a professional way. The market provides decorative books and DVDs that offers relevant information.

Many people prefers classes because they are relatively cheap. They help you perfect your art in a professional way. Further growth in your creativity needs practicals. After classes, you need to refine this knowledge by decorating the bakery products practically. You will need to learn how to make a it without confusion, provide smooth decor, make 3-D figures, fill layers without overflowing, roll fondant and use pas tillage with it, blend chocolate with other eatables and perfect the angle of using pulled sugar techniques.

There are institutions that offer professional degrees. They include The Art Institute, Le cordon schools North America, Florida Culinary institute, Kendall college, Oregon Culinary institute, Arizona Culinary institute and Culinary institute of America. Wilson’s and Ronald’s offer cake decorating classes. Many students are enrolling for these lessons and you should not be left behind.

Brighten Up the Home with Japanese Decorating and Oriental Designs

When it comes to decorating the home, oriental designs have become extremely popular over the past few years. Japanese decorating has taken the world by storm and now everything seems to be about peace and simplicity as well as natural and beautiful designs. So just what are oriental designs and just how can you use them within your home?

Using Oriental Designs to Decorate the Home

Oriental designs can include a number of things from paintings to rugs and gardens to tattoos. They have basically taken over everything and it is certainly no surprise!

Generally oriental designs are a lot more artistic than any other design and they are created with plenty of color and life. They make any house seem more like a home and they truly are beautiful to look at. Whether you choose to use a simple oriental rug, or whether you choose to go all out and decorate all of your walls, oriental designs can be used in a variety of ways.

There are a few different varieties of oriental designs and some are simple Japanese or Chinese letters of the alphabet. There is something about using a language which looks intriguing, that makes people’s homes inviting and peaceful. Each Chinese or Japanese word used in oriental designs usually means something significant such as ‘peace’ or ‘love’. The ideas behind the design are generally what encourage people to use them in their homes.

When you are out searching for an oriental design, ensure that you shop in the right places. There are quite a lot of shops claiming to sell authentic oriental designs, yet they turn out to be completely fake. So, if you are looking for something authentic it may be better to do your research first and ensure that the designs are truly what they say they are.

As well as main decorating such as on walls and on the floor, oriental designs can also add to the smallest of touches. Cushion covers, sofa throws and even dishes can be turned into oriental creations. It really depends on just how oriental you want to take your home. Do you just want to add a few little touches or do you want to go all out and decorate the whole house in an oriental theme? Whatever you want it is achievable and you can find design ideas on the internet and in local craft stores.