Making A Statement With Your Flooring Renovation

There are several home renovations that you can do in your home that will make a statement. One of them for certain is your choice of flooring. No matter what you choose when initiating a flooring renovation in your home makes sure that the change reflects your family and lifestyle. Taking these things into consideration allows you to have flooring that will with stand the beating your family will put the floor through and will make sure that you love the look of it because it will be with you, hopefully, for an extended periods of time.

Flooring can be a good chunk of a room renovation. It is advisable that if you have the money you complete all flooring renovations when you purchase your home before you move into it. This type of renovation becomes much more of a hassle as you live in your home and accumulate the goods a household does over time.

There are so many types of flooring available today how do you choose? This is all personal preference. Look at what is the most important item to you when looking into this renovation. Are you worried about function? Do you need the flooring to last forever? Are you looking for something comfy to be under foot? Would you like something more modern? Are you concerned with resale? All these things will help you narrow down your choice in flooring materials.

Option With Flooring and Benefits and Drawbacks

Laminate flooring is a great option for families with small children and pets. It is the same look as hardwood without the expense and upkeep. You don’t have to worry about the moisture and scuffing that happens with real hardwood. Laminate is maintenance easy too. If you sweep and mop regularly you will avoid the dirt lying around to scratch the laminate. Of course there are consumers who don’t like faux material. If you are in the market to sell you might choose a different material to appeal to the masses. It is definitely possible upon inspection to tell that laminate is laminate not hardwood. This could be a disadvantage for some people.

Hardwood flooring is a very versatile well liked material to use in flooring renovations. In is incredibly valuable to the resale of your home, easy to repair and can be maintained fairly easy. It is a material that will stand the test of time. However, it is expensive to purchase and if you have animals be careful because their nails will scratch the surface. Hardwood floors are also not the best place to sit and get comfortable so make sure if you have wood floors in your living space and small children get ready to purchase a throw rug.

Cork flooring is good for homes that the subfloor is uneven as it is easy to be installed on all types of surfaces. It is an all natural material and fits within the ethical flooring range. It holds sound well and is a perfect material to use as an insulator. Disadvantages include that it does require maintenance. If you don’t seal the cork flooring every five years it can lose its waterproof quality and can also be stained more easily then if treated. Sharp objects can puncture the seal so that is also something to consider when laying a cork floor.

Carpet flooring is very versatile and has a great number of styles, colors and textures to choose from. Carpet is easy to install and comes in various price ranges to fit into all budgets and lifestyles. You do need to keep up on regular maintenance which includes steam cleaning bi-yearly and spot cleaning when necessary. It is a wonderful flooring option if you have young family members who spend a lot of time playing on the floor.

Vinyl flooring is inexpensive and fairly easy to install. It does require an even clean surface for installation. The one thing is that vinyl wears down and loses it sheen quickly. It is best used in rooms that don’t receive a great deal of traffic or that wear is not necessarily a huge issue such as mudrooms and basements.

Ceramic flooring is great for the easy of cleaning and resilience. It is very strong but can be cracked if something heavy is dropped on it. Installation is normally fairly straight forward. The ceramic tiles can be purchased in various colors and is family friendly. Ceramic works well in kitchen/dining areas and bathrooms for its ability to repel the moisture that those rooms often attract.

Flooring renovation options are really a personal choice and should be made with your family in mind. If you have a pool and wet kids running in and out all day carpet and hardwood are most likely not great choices for you. However if you are a home with older children who are more careful and don’t tend to spill carpet and hardwood are great options that look beautiful and tend to hold for long periods of time under normal use and conditions.

Tips on Choosing the Best Bathroom Flooring

A bathroom of any shape or size can be successfully renovated for a whole new look. One of the first considerations a homeowner should give thought to when planning such a project is the bathroom’s flooring. A new floor not only gives the room an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but it also adds a new level of protection against water damage. Those who are planning a project of this type may wish to consider the following flooring options:

Ceramic Tiles: Attractive and Cost Effective

Ceramic tiles are regarded as one of the most economical bathroom flooring options. They are also by far the most popular. They offer a sleek, clean appearance to the bathroom and are not difficult to maintain. Tiles of this kind can be found in a vast array of styles, designs and colors. Additionally, ceramic tiles are renowned for their longevity and offer protection against slips and falls due to both texturing and their grout.

Slate and Stone For an Elegant Touch

Stone flooring offers an elegance and beauty that appeals to many homeowners. The timeless characteristics with which it is associated will add a charming look to virtually any bathroom in which it is placed. There are several types of stone flooring from which you can choose, but the most cost-effective is slate. It is also less slippery than other types of stone flooring, the latter of which can present a hazard if you’re not careful. Those who desire an elegant and luxurious look for their bathroom should definitely consider stone flooring.

Vinyl Flooring-Practical and Attractive

Those who prefer an inexpensive, yet functional and attractive bathroom floor should consider vinyl. This material offers excellent resistance to humidity and moisture, and it is essentially maintenance free. The colors and textures from which one can choose when selecting vinyl tiles are virtually limitless. Designs are available that resemble wood, ceramic or the aforementioned stone.

Less Conventional Options

There are also nontraditional options from which one can choose, such as carpeting or hardwood flooring. However, preventing such floors from experiencing water and moisture damage is a challenging endeavor. Therefore, one should carefully consider the pros and cons of such options rather than making a decision in haste.

The Importance of Choosing a Reputable Supplier

Those who are planning to install a new bathroom floor should visit a local flooring supplier to purchase the necessary materials. Although large chain stores may do the most advertising, they are not always the best choice when it comes to a supplier. In addition, big box stores rarely offer the customer service that one receives from a reputable local dealer.

The bathroom flooring a homeowner selects should be durable, attractive and easy to maintain. Additionally, the flooring must be affordable to the homeowner. For this reason, the aforementioned options should be considered by anyone embarking upon a bathroom remodeling project. When supplies are purchased from a reputable local dealer, consumers are assured of satisfaction with the flooring of their choice for many future years.

Unfinished Oak Flooring – Decorating Dream

Unfinished oak flooring is great choice for both the do-it-yourself home improvement guru as well as for contractors. It allows you to personalize the look of your flooring to your own specific requirements, completely. If you need a particular stain to coordinate with your kitchen cabinets, then unfinished oak hardwood flooring might be just what you need.

A great benefit to installing unfinished hardwood is that it allows you to truly customize the look of your floor design. If you love the characteristics that are present in each plank of wood, try applying a lighter stain. That way you are able to appreciate the subtleties once the floors application has been completed. By completing the sanding process on site, you can bring out the details that you enjoy in the areas you want them. By choosing specific types, like unfinished red oak flooring, you can create borders or patterns upon installation. This ability to create unique patterns enables you to have a truly customized floor.

The value inherent in unfinished wood is a major reason that a large number of contractors opt for using it on the jobs they contract. The price is significantly better than the cost of pre-finished planks. As you can see this is another perk you get for choosing this style of flooring. This cost saving can then be passed on to the customer or end consumer if you so choose or it can go toward increasing the bottom line. Another option is for the contractor to offer custom design services to the client based upon the reduced initial cost savings. Either way it is a win-win for both the contractor and the customer when the cost savings is passed along. By creating a unique custom floor, it acts as a life size advertisement for the contractor’s services, as well as, creating an amazing feature to any home. Every person that is awed by the fantastic flooring finish is another potential customer for the contractor you used.

Choosing unfinished oak hardwood flooring is definitely a design choice worth considering for your home. Not only will your friends and guests be amazed and envious of your style choices, but your wallet will thank you for the much lighter burden you placed upon it. A custom floor at a reduced price is contractor and customer’s dream come true. So start looking around so that you can find your dram flooring.